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Doosan honor

Doosan honor

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1992   Received IR52 Elite Award (ELECTRIC REACH TRUCK)

1994   Received the Minister of Science and Technology Award

     GOOD DESIGN (BR10S-2/D120)

1996   Daewoo Technology Award (Free Model Engine Type Forklift Development Course)

1997   Won the Presidential Award in the National Quality Competition



2000   won 2000 WORLD BEST AWARDS

2001   Won the Contribution Award of Construction Machinery Industry Association (Yin Tianxiong, Fan Zhenshi)

2005   Won the Ergonomic Design Award Grand Prize: B20T-5 Bronze Award: G25E with Quad mast and LP cradle

     Accessory Material Technology Award (Executive Park Geunpai)

2006   ‘UK FLTA Award 2006’’s "Safety" category grand prize (B15T-5 AC)

2008   ‘UK FLTA Award 2008’’s "Safety" Award-Rear Grab Bar with Integrated Horn Switch

     Received commendation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy on the Day of Commerce and Industry

2009   Outstanding Asset Development Contributors Commendation, Received the Prime Minister’s Commendation

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