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Doosan Group

Doosan Group

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Sincerely welcome you to visit official website of Doosan forklift.


Doosan Group, a century enterprise with long history, is called as the one of the largest financial group in Korea by Korea local media. Founded in 1896, the group is the enterprise with the longest history in Korea for 120 years. In August 1968, the first forklift produced by Doosan was appeared and it is also the first forklift in Korea; at present, the company has exported forklift to over 100 countries in the world on the basis of production bases in Korea, German and China and six business centers including sales legal persons of America, Belgium, and British; Doosan Forklift has been developed to be the largest industry vehicle manufacturer in Korea; particularly, it holds the first brand in Korea all the time and lays a solid leading position by 50% of market share at Korea market.

In order to provide the product convenience, comfortable, environment-friendly and quiet functions, the Doosan forklift has applied the latest technology and paid more attention to the product stability and durability. Doosan has independently developed engine, transmission, hydraulic system, oil cold disk type brake which is the patent product of Doosan, operation safety sensing system, finger type operation system and other core parts in research and development domain; meanwhile, Doosan forklift has won many international design rewards.

Doosan forklift is possessed of the original force to live in the market through continuously strengthening own quality and enhancing the macro operation ability of the enterprise. Besides, the company has vigorously cultivated the local excellent talents for talent is the core competitivenessof our enterprise. In order to face with the global market, some productions have been transferred from the head quarter to the Yantai factory as considering about the development demand of future market.

CSR,Corporate social responsibility, CSR is corporate social responsibility; Doosan group pays much attention to the social responsibility, and Doosan is the founding council unit of “CSR Chinese Education Union”. For keeping a footholdin the society, an enterprise shall fully use related resources to achieve our value, create value and then return the society. For many years, Doosan has built up Hope Primary School and also denoted to Wenchuan earthquake of Sichuan Province when it occurs; besides, the group has also many public benefit activities in surrounding areas. As the group exists, we will insist on the programs for public good, which is also the most basic enterprise responsibility of Doosan Group.

In future, Doosan forklift will continue working hard to meet user demand, improve the product value and become the welcomed forklift supplier.


Doosan Group

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