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Doosan Forklift

Doosan Forklift

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Since introduction of first forklift product of Korea in 1968, the industry vehicle of Doosan joint-stock company works hard to provide various products and services for logistics, traffic and transportation, and article loading and unloading businesses. At present, the company has exported forklift to over 100 countries in the world on the basis of production bases in Korea, German and China and six business centers including sales legal persons of America, Belgium, and British; Doosan Forklift has been developed to be the largest industry vehicle manufacturer in Korea; particularly, it holds the first brand in Korea all the time and lays a solid leading position by 50% of market share at Korea market.

In order to provide the product convenience, comfortable, environment-friendly and quiet functions, the Doosan forklift has applied the latest technology and paid more attention to the product stability and durability. On this basis, products for meeting the customer demand include: 1.5-25 ton level international combustion counterbalance forklift truck; 1-5 ton level electric balance heavy type forklift and warehousing type vehicle. Doosan industrial vehicle has 377 agents in 93 countries across the world and provides service for global customers.

Besides, the company has won various awards in international exhibition; Doosan forklift is possessed of the global leading research and development ability and technological superiority. All awards are: “World Best Award”granted to the first-class product in 2000;

In 2005, won the Ergonomic Design Award granted to excellent product with driving comfort of driver; from 2006 to 2008, continuously won the “Safety Award” granted by British Forklift Association and granted to safety excellent product;

Future concept car introduced by Doosan forklift in 2011 won the International Red Point Design Award called as “Oscar” in design cycle; in 2012, won German “iF Product Design Award” award which is the one of the authorized design award in the world; in 2014, won “Innovation Award” granted to innovation excellent product; in 2015, won the “PIN UP Design Award” industry design award.

Doosan Forklift entered China in 1998, Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. was established on December 1, 2011, and it is the wholly-owned subsidiary of industry vehicle of Doosan Group; Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DIVC) is located at Yantai where is a beautiful seashore city, and covers an area of 38, 000 square meters, and has the annual production ability of 10, 000 sets; the company mainly produces 1-7 tons internal combustion, 1-5 tons electrics and warehousing type forklifts; the product are sold to Europe and America, Central Asia, West Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places. The company has passed through the ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, America UL certification, EU CE certification, German EMC and Netherlands ROAD certification.

“Firmly keep social promise and jointly build up a beautiful China” is the philosophy for public benefit of Doosan, and performance of enterprise social responsibility is the basis and foundation which make the interested parties appreciate; besides, Doosan is the founding council unit of “CSR Chinese Education Union”. Since entering China, Doosan devotes to support Chinese foundation education business and sponsors the Hope Project by taking “jointly build up a beautiful China” as the corporate philosophy. Since 2001, the company has contributed RMB 10, 25 million Yuan to “China Youth Development Foundation” to build up 34 Hope Primary Schools around China. In 2007, the company has contributed RMB 20 million Yuan in one time to build up a Warm Project (Doosan) Training Center. After the Wenchuan earthquake of Sichuan Province occurred in 2008, the company has donated RMB 10, 22 Yuan to the earthquake relief work. During the Yushu Earthquake in April 2010, the company has donated RMB 3 million Yuan to support the disaster relief work.

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