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Quality operation

Quality operation

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-29 09:47:42
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Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. timely develops and supplies excellent products which are beyond the customer’s expectation, and increases the investment in research and development field year by year, passes through every performance test and reliability test of model testing agency admitted by Chinese government and only allows the reliable product to the market. Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. can provide the best quality product which can make customers appreciate in the world; at the beginning of its establishment, the company has structured ISO9001 QM System, and executed the strict quality management policy centered on customers. Furthermore, the company pushes the operation creative activity and part quality improving activity, produces the quality management infrastructure, carries out the activities for improving product reliability, introduces the quality management, regularly holds the quality courses, and sustainably pushes various quality managementinnovation activities. Up to now, the business fields and main cooperation enterprises at home and abroad have won the ISO9001 certification.

For realizing the development goal of becoming the top 10 of foreign-investedindustrial truck in China, Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. has continuously improved product, promoted the customer satisfaction and achieved remarkable achievement under the help of headquarter in Korea. Besides, the company establishes an ERP system and actively pushes the customer-delighted operation activities with the purpose of better meeting the customer’s requirement.


Customer-delighted product with the best quality



-Sensitive quality innovation to make customers feel directly

-Reduce COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) at maximum 


Main activities

-“Zero defect” of manufacturing quality

-Quality innovation of cooperation enterprise (Single PPM)

-Reliability innovation of new product

-QM system regular examination (ISO)

-Quality training throughout the year


Environmental change

-High-end and diversified requirements of customers

-Product with high reliability

-Implement Safety Law of Special Equipment, Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Lawand other laws and regulations, and concern safety and environmental protection

-Focus on the sensitive quality of customer

-Specificity of product competition

-Change of fittings supply 


Certification of quality management system

For providing customer-satisfied high-quality product, Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. improves and enhances the original TQC system, restructures ISO9001 QM System and effectively executes the customer-centered quality management policy. Through hard working, the company has won ISO9001 QM System certification and passed through the examination of China TSG Z0004 quality management system. In future, Doosan Forklift (Yantai) Co., Ltd. will continue pushing the guiding policy and supporting policy of cooperative company, and help more cooperative enterprises to set up a scientific QM system. 

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